The Goal of the Front

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Struggle for the Israeli Democracy

The Goal of the Front: to be the Assaultive Tool in the Struggle for the Israeli Democracy

In the past year democracy in Israel prevailed! The Israelis closed ranks to stop the unprecedented attack on the rule of law and the legal system.

But the threat o democracy is still here. Powerful forces  are trying to fundamentally change Israel, and they have not given up. They keep on going with full steam: racists and those who believe in violence as a legitimate political tool have entered the Knesset with a red carpet. A dangerous heavy funded network of organizations have established themselves at the heart of the Israeli public arena, and they continue their spread of hatred between the different communities in Israel, in their effort to weaken our famed democracy, with foreign ideas, which are alien to our heritage, through millions of concealed dollars.

Opposite all this is the Front for the Protection of Democracy.

The Front conducts research and expositions that reveal funding sources of the inciting organizations and the lies disseminated by their representatives. The Front combines student activism with public struggles, demonstrations and protests. The Front promotes legislation which aims to protect the justice system in Israel. The Front fights incitement against the free press. The Front fights back against the organizations and agents which try to bring down Israeli democracy.

Among our expositions’ accomplishments were revealing allegedly legal cooperation between the Likkud party and ‘Im Tirzu’—a far right organization; passing donations from Keren Hayesod to ‘Im Tirzu’ and more. Our expositions got substantial airtime in Israeli media. The Front is working opposite law enforcement authorities of anti- democratic factors. Over the past year we placed over 40 complaints to authorities such as Attorney General, State Comptroller, Minister of Education, Press Council, registrar of NGOs and others. The Front confronts the agents of ruin and incitement wherever they are: in social media, television studios and on the streets.

Join us so we can fight together for the future of Israel’s democracy.

Who are our donors?

Over the past year half of our budget came from New Israel Fund and the rest of the funding came from private donors from Israel and the world.

So what is it that we do? 

For the first time in the past decade there is an organization that does not hesitate to fight the anti- democratic structures with the same tools those use to assault democracy: we investigate funding sources, activities and expose their true colors.  

Our modes of action include:

  • Investigations aimed at exposing the dark and foreign money behind anti- democratic organizations that try with all their power to hide their sources of funding. 
  • Assertive action to reduce the scope for the anti- democratic structure – legal action including approaching authorities and enforcement agencies. 
  • Working closely with Israeli media—we do not shy away from appearing and confronting right wing media. 
  • Creating an activist base—we are founding student bases that will work on campuses opposite organizations such as ‘Im Tirzu’ which aim to hurt the liberal nature of Israeli academy.
  • Aggressive presence on social- media. 

Legal Structure & Operation 

The Front was established and is operated by the Movement for Progressive Israel which is a registered non-profit (Amutah). All activities are overseen by MPI’s Executive Board, by its Oversight Committee and by our Legal Advisor and our CPA. 

Board of the Movement for Progressive Israel

Ran Cohen


Ran Cohen is a retired colonel and an Israeli politician. Served as Member of Kensset

Aviv Sar El

Dr. Assaf Patir

Miriam Bloch

Staff of the Front

Boaz Gerlsheimer

Media and PR

Adv. Yoram Avrahami

legal advisor

Struggle for the Israeli Democracy

The Goal of the Front